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Finis Swimsense Review

The first swims with the new Swimsense from Finis has been awesome. Now only is this simple to use, it promises to get better with firmware updates on the horizon! Yip, that means you always stay current and have the latest in innovation sitting pretty on your wrist.

Ok, so, some may comment that it’s not the world’s prettiest device, but it sure does make up in terms of function. Together with the bridge (which allows you to upload your workouts) and the indispensable online logbook you get a swimming partner second to none.

As a taster, here some screenshots from my first two workouts:

Workout Summary

Workout Summary

This is from today’s swim (main set: 3x3x200) and on a glance you get a feel for the entire set. Mixed strokes, average times per 100 and so on. Of course, what is more interesting is dissecting a particular interval:

Swimsense Analysis of a 200m Interval

This was my last 200m interval.
NOTE: for the keen observers, it says interval 8 since one of the 3x3x200m was a kicking interval.
You can clearly see how I hit the wall quite badly towards the end of that interval (and set). I was tired and i really tried to nail it home and ironically thought my last length would have been pretty quick- but there’s no finish there :)

This has also helped me understand a little more about my own pacing. Since time began, I’ve always struggled on the “Third Lap” of any swim. If it’s a 100m, that 75m kills me. If it’s a 200m, that 150m mark gets me. I know it and have tried to break that “habit” and here’s how Swimsense picked it up for me:

Swimsense 100m Analysis

Swimsense 100m Analysis

This level and detail of feedback is usually only available at a swim meet or in a race condition or when doing very specific sets- as it traditionally takes quite a bit of labour to record and measure and dissect it all. Not any more.

Awesome product, good finish overall, superb solution and looking forward to the innovation continuing.


10 Responses to “Finis Swimsense Review”

  1. did you have any trouble getting the data downloaded? my computer won’t recognize the device…


    Posted by eric johnson | January 7, 2011, 22:59
    • Hi Eric,
      I didn’t have any issues connecting and getting my data uploaded. I installed the software (the Swimsense Bridge) which automatically detected the device as I un/plugged it and all in all, it ran very smoothly for me.
      (I’m running off Mac OS X….)

      Posted by itt | January 9, 2011, 17:48
  2. Hi,
    The way I understand it, it doesn’t auto-stop when you do; you have to hit a button. I’m wondering is there some sort of master time that keeps running? So if I’m doing 5×100 on 1:50 for example, let’s say I come in at 1:35, hit pause or lap or whatever button you’re supposed to hit, will it keep running so I can see when 1:50 comes around while recording the interval?

    Posted by Jon | February 16, 2011, 04:31
  3. Hi, Can you give me some info about the battery? how long time I can swim with one charge?

    Posted by Dan | February 26, 2011, 20:23
  4. Dan, I’ve used the Swimsense on two consecutive days on two swims (about 70min each) and there was still about half a battery left. I have also had times when I didn’t use it for about 4 days (switched on) and the battery ran down.
    So practically, after uploading my set I just keep it connected a little longer to charge it- which, if you’re swimming quite regularly isn’t really an issue.
    Also, I know they busy working on a firmware update to improve the battery life even further… :)

    Posted by itt | February 26, 2011, 20:40
  5. There is some more info about how to use the Swimsense in the pool: http://blog.finisinc.com/helpful-product-info/using-swimsense-to-understand-workout-details-on-the-fly

    Posted by itt | March 8, 2011, 22:44
  6. I can not get either the Mac or the windows computer to recognize that the devise is connected. I even deleted the software and reinstalled it. Adobe Air is also installed. Note the new watch I have replaced one that leaked water the first swim so wondering if it is looking for something on the old watch?

    Posted by Mike | October 20, 2011, 04:29
    • Mike, I also had my first watch replaced- and the replacement has been perfect. Didn’t need to reinstall any software though and the new device is recognised. I did find that I sometimes needed to triple-check the USB connection and the watch-to-cradle connection before it would take- and sometimes it would take a few minutes before my Mac would pick it up. Seems it can be a little sticky…?

      Posted by itt | October 20, 2011, 09:48


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